Maybe you were talking to a client on the phone or in person and you agreed to have a meeting. Of course, meetergo makes it easy to have a QR Code ready to show and have your client book a meeting with you on the spot.

However, sometimes it is easier to create a meeting directly if you've already agreed on a time. This is possible from the meetergo app. If you add an appointment manually, meetergo will still send out reminders and notifications to manage your meeting lifecycle.

Creating appointments manually

  1. Go to your appointments page.

  2. Select Add Appointment.

  3. In the Select event dropdown menu, select the appropriate event for your appointment. Note that settings from the event will be relevant for the appointment you're creating. For example, if your event is configured to use zoom, the appointment will be held on zoom as well.

  4. Enter the contact details of your client.

  5. Choose the date and time you have agreed to. The duration of the meeting is based on the event you have chosen.

We recommend you to only create appointments manually if you've already agreed on a time and date with your client. Otherwise we suggest you to share your profile link to allow your client to pick a suitable time for you.

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