meetergo allows you to finetune your availability times so that you're only available when you're really available. This gives your customers the confidence they need to book you - and it gives you the ability to lean back while meetergo schedules your meetings.

Organize your workday

  1. Go to your availability times page.

  2. Adjust your availability settings as needed.

General availability

First of all, you should configure the times when you're free to be booked. You can set the days when you're available, as well as the times that you're available during each day.

Also, note the calendar icons in the top-right. These are your calendar integrations. Any appointments on your calendars will also cause you to not be available during this time.

When you're done, click on Save Changes. Your changes will be reflected in the calendar view below your availability settings.

A green circle in this calendar indicates that on this day, there are timeslots where you are available.


In order to add exceptions, you may click on a specific day. There, you can add an exception to your availability times.

Exceptions are timeslots where you can overwrite the general availability logic. This is particularly useful for situations where you don't have any appointment in your calendar to block that time for you.

For example, if you're going on vacation for a week, you don't have to change your availability - instead, you can add an exception to block your availability during this time.

To add an exception:

  1. Click the day to use as a starting point for your exception.

  2. Select Select time range and choose the start and end time for your exception.

  3. You can toggle whether you want to block your availability or be available in this time by clicking the Stop icon or checkmark icon.

  4. Select Add Exception.

Each day affected by an exception will be marked with a red dot in your calendar.

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