This article is an overview of meetergo's team features. For specifics on how to use them, check out our other team-related articles.

If you are a team and you would like to offer and coordinate meetings, then our team management features are just what you need!

  • Create Events for your entire team and assign teammates

  • Easily manage individual availability of each teammember

  • See all of your teammates calendars in one place

  • Get more bookings

Create Events for your entire team

Whether you are a company with well-defined structures or you want to explore ways to streamline your processes, meetergo will make it easy to manage each individual team member's appointments.

You will create Events for your company and assign teammates to the event. On your companies booking profile, clients will then be able to see the service representatives assigned to each event type.

For added flexibility, there are two types of group events in meetergo: Single Host and Group Host.

Single Host Events are events that are held by a single host. This means that if someone books that event, one teammate will be assigned to that event. If you assign multiple teammates to an event of this type, meetergo will assign only one teammate for each booking.

Group Host Events are events held by multiple people. This means that when someone books that event, all assigned teammates will be assigned to that event.

Each teammate has their own account

To invite a teammate to your company, you simply send them your secret company link. Each team member then signs up with their e-mail-address to join your company.

As a result, each team member can also manage their own personal information, availability times and synced calendars. Availability in group meetings is handled automatically.

You, as the company admin, are able to control your teammates permissions. By default, employees can only edit data on their own account, so they will not be able to change your events. You can promote them to admin to allow them to make changes to your events, or disable their account at any time.

See your team's scheduled meetings in one click by choosing them on your calendar page. You can easily filter certain teammates to see only their appointments, or show appointments of multiple, or all members at once.

Get more bookings

Each teammate can sync with their calendars separately, and meetergo works the same for team-managed meetings as it does for single meetings.

If you have an event that is getting booked a lot, meetergo makes it easy to increase capacity for that event. Simply assign additional team members and you've successfully doubled the available time slots for that event!

This works because if you have multiple people assigned to a single-host event, each booking will only occupy one team member, whereas the others will still be available.

Needless to say, you can seamlessly scale this by assigning more team members to the event.

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