Even though meetergo has plenty of integrations to allow you to hold meetings online, some events just happen offline. For these cases, meetergo has many features to offer as well.

  • Help attendees find your location easily

  • Notifications in case you need to change the location

  • Predict attendance to avoid queues and crowds

Step 1: Create a location for your event

To configure a local event, we need to add a location first. If you have created a location already, go to the next step.

  1. Under My Business, go to your locations page.

  2. Select Add Location.

  3. Enter the location's details and select Save Address.

You can create as many locations as you like. You can assign this location to an event later.

Step 2: Configure local event

  1. Go to your events page.

  2. Select Add Event.

  3. Adjust your Event's title, description and assign someone to the event.

  4. In the providers dropdown, make sure local is selected.

  5. Click on the gear icon to open additional settings.

  6. In additional settings, select a location from the location dropdown. You should see the location that you created in the last step.

  7. Close additional settings and enable your event.

Your event is now configured to be held in the chosen location.


  • I don't see a dropdown to choose my location!
    Make sure your event is a local event by selecting "local" in the providers dropdown.

  • I don't have any options!
    It seems like you need to create a location first. Make sure you have completed step 1 of this article correctly.

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