At meetergo, we have the option to customise events. To customize events:

  1. Click on Events and create an Event.

  2. Click on Geared Icon besides the Copy Event Link

  3. Additional Settings window will pop up

  4. In Event Link, you can customise the URL.

  5. Under Location, you can choose the Location from the dropdown

  6. Buffer before and buffer after allows the host to give a buffer time before and after the event. For example: If you have a buffer before of 10 minutes and buffer after of 10 minutes and you are available between 4pm to 5pm, no one can book the event after 3:50pm and 5:10pm.

  7. Spots are total number of participants allowed in the meeting.

  8. By checking the checkbox of Hide event in booking page, the event will not be visible on the booking page and in this way, you can have a private event organised.

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