Integrating zoom with meetergo is easy and straightforward! Keep reading to learn how you can automatically send a zoom meeting link to your participants and hold meetings on zoom.

How to connect meetergo to zoom

  1. Login to your meetergo account

  2. In the bottom-left side of the screen, go to Settings

  3. Under settings, scroll down to connected accounts

  4. Next to zoom, click on connect.

  5. In the next screen, you are asked whether you trust meetergo. Once you have granted the necessary permissions, the app is connected and ready for use.

If you wish to no longer use zoom with meetergo, you may disconnect zoom by clicking the Settings-Icon next to zoom in the connected accounts list. This will take you to your zoom account page. From the list of your installed apps, find meetergo and select uninstall.

How to automatically create zoom meetings when you are booked

By connecting meetergo to zoom, you are able to automatically create a zoom meeting for your appointments and send them to your participants.

Please ensure your Zoom account is connected before proceeding to this step.

  • Login to your meetergo account

  • On the left hand side of the screen, scroll down to MeetingTypes.

  • Click on the button Add Meeting Type

  • Edit your meeting title, duration, description etc.

  • Click on the Channel Tab and select Zoom from the list.

  • Now your Zoom account is connected to that meeting.

That's all, whenever an appointment is booked to that meeting, all guests/attendees will receive the zoom link for the meeting via email.

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