Make meetergo talk to your CRM by enabling our HubSpot integration, which sends data in near real-time and helps centralize your data in one place.

This integration is in open beta. Your feedback and questions matter; please do feel free to contact your Success Engineer or the Support team with any insights you may have!

Connecting meetergo to HubSpot will allow you to automatically or manually sync leads and deal phases.

Those leads and deals will be automatically associated with the user getting booked.

When connected to HubSpot, you will be able to map meetin types to deal phases and leads will be synced autoamtically and a new "No Show" Custom Object. As such, you must have an Enterprise plan with Hubspot to use the custom object mapping.

Choose HubSpot on the settings page.

Click Settings at the bottom left, and in the left-hand menu of your Settings area, choose Integrations.

On the Integrations page, click connect next to HubSpot to be directed to the HubSpot Integration page.

Connect your HubSpot Account

Clicking the Connect HubSpot button will take you to a HubSpot screen, where you'll first log in if you haven't already in this browser, and then choose your HubSpot account to connect.

Thats it!

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