Connecting meetergo to your Microsoft outlook calendar is easy and takes only a few minutes. It is recommended that you connect your personal calendar, because it will allow meetergo to check for any events that may be blocking booking slots. That way we can always show your up-to-date availability.

Security: meetergo is an approved publisher. All data is securely transmitted. Access to your calendar is required to check your available times and to create meetings in your name.

We do not collect any data from connected calendars. You can also go to the settings and make your connection private so that information from your calendar is hidden in team view.

After connecting your Microsoft, you will also gain the option to use Skype, Skype for business or Microsoft Teams as a meeting channel for your meetings. The availability of these services depend on your Microsoft account. For example, Teams is only available to accounts within an organization.

How to connect meetergo to Outlook

  1. Login to your meetergo account and go to your settings page.

  2. Click the Connect-Button next to Outlook Calendar.

  3. You will be redirected to sign in to your Microsoft Account. Once logged in, you may have to grant meetergo permissions to access to your calendar.

  4. Done!

After being redirected back to your settings page, you will see that Outlook is now connected.

You may use the calendar icon in order to toggle whether meetergo will check this calendar for availability.

How to disconnect Outlook connection

  1. Go to your settings page.

  2. Next to Outlook calendar, click the X-icon.

  3. Done!

After disconnecting your outlook calendar, meetergo can no longer access your Microsoft account. No data from your calendar connection is stored.

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