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First steps to get started with meetergo 🚀

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We are very happy to welcome you to meetergo!

In this article you will learn how to set up meetergo in just 5 minutes! My goal for you to experience today is how easy it can be to make an appointment.

Step 1: Set up a profile

Before we schedule appointments with people, we adjust our profile to give them a better idea of who we are.

After creating your account, go to profile settings.

Here we can customize our full name, profile picture, description, phone number and job title.

Profileinstellungen meetergo

Useful tips 🧩

  • Profile picture: The profile picture is displayed on the booking page. Use a picture in which you are easily recognizable. You can also use the same image as on social media so that you are recognizable.

  • Description: The description will appear on your business card. Introduce yourself and your achievements in 2-3 sentences.

Step 2: Connect calendar

Now we connect our personal calendar. This is important so that we can only be booked for times when we are really available.

When you connect your calendar, the following happens:

  • meetergo looks in your calendar to see when you are already busy. (availability check)

  • meetergo synchronizes new appointments with your calendar when you are booked. (two-way sync)

🔒 We do not store any personal information from your calendar and only access it to be able to offer our service properly.

Connect calendar

meetergo supports all common calendars. Both modern (cloud-based) ☁️ calendars and more complex on-premise solutions 📌 can be connected. Go to your Profileinstellungen to connect a calendar on the right.

  • Office 365/Outlook calendar ☁️

  • Exchange/Outlook calendar 📌

  • Google Calendar ☁️

  • Apple iCloud calendar ☁️

  • CalDAV Calendar 📌

  • Nextcloud ☁️


Useful tips 🧩

  • Don't have a calendar? No problem! You can also configure your availability directly. Appointments booked via meetergo will of course still block your availability. You will never be booked twice again!

  • Two-way sync is disabled by default, as appointments are added to your calendar via email. Enable two-way sync if you have a calendar that isn't linked to your primary email address.

Step 3: Connect meeting provider

Next we connect our video conferencing platform. To do this, go to our App-Übersicht.

  • Microsoft Teams ☁️

  • On-prem Exchange/Microsoft Teams (hybrid) 📌

  • WebEx ☁️

  • Zoom ☁️

  • Google meet ☁️

  • meetergo connect 📌

Find the provider you want to use and click "Connect Now".

Follow the instructions by registering on the provider's website and granting the necessary rights.

In the next step we will see how the conference tool can be used for an appointment type.

Useful tips 🧩

  • Don't want to use a separate meeting provider? No problem! Depending on the plan, we offer our own meetergo connect video platform. This is based on P2P connections and is therefore data protection compliant!

Step 4: Set up an appointment type

Appointment types are events that you regularly plan and schedule. Appointment types bundle settings such as event duration, description and also reminders or follow-ups in one place. This saves your time when making appointments!

Go to Terminartenübersicht. We have already preset an appointment type for you. Click the appointment type to edit it.

In the appointment type settings you will first see the "Set up" tab with the most important settings such as title, description, duration and location.

  • Title: The title of your appointment type on the booking page. Choose an interesting title that sparks interest.

  • Description: The description is displayed under the title on the booking page.

  • Duration: Specify how long the event should last. By clicking on "flexible length" you have the possibility to select several time periods. This allows the booker to select a duration.

  • Location: Determine where you want to hold the event. Choose an online meeting provider that you connected in the previous step.

Changes are saved automatically. Click "Preview" to see directly how a setting will affect your booking page.

Useful tips 🧩

Go to the "Limits" tab to adjust useful settings related to booking limits.

  • You only want to receive X number of bookings per day/week/month? Under the "Limits" tab you can limit your booking frequency.

  • Prevent short-term bookings by adjusting the "earliest booking".

  • The "Timeslot Interval" allows you to customize which timeslots are displayed (starting from the first available timeslot).

Also under "Advanced" are some useful options.

  • Custom Calendar Invitation: Personalize the calendar invitation you and attendees receive in the calendar.

  • Custom Form: Customize what questions are asked in the form.

Step 5: Set working hours

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