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Outlook-calendar Connecting
Outlook-calendar Connecting

How to connect your Outlook calendar

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Linking meetergo to your Outlook calendar makes your life easier. The email program Outlook from Microsoft also has a calendar function. If you combine both, meetergo can ensure that no appointments collide.

And best of all: With just a few clicks you have linked meetergo with Outlook.

That's how quickly you connect meetergo to Outlook

  1. Log into meetergo and go to your settings.

  2. Press the "Connect" button next to the Outlook calendar icon.

  3. Allow meetergo access to your Outlook.

Warning: Make sure you are logged into your Microsoft account. Otherwise you cannot establish a connection between meetergo and Outlook.

Permissions (for developers/IT admins)

The Microsoft connection requires the following permissions.

Here is an explanation of why each permission needs to be granted.

Calendar.ReadWrite: Reading occupied/unoccupied times (Availability Check), Creating and modifying events (Calendar sync)
User.Read: Reading basic user information
offline_access: Accessing information while user is offline

Your data is safe

meetergo attaches great importance to data protection. Your data will be transmitted securely. We do not store data from your calendar and cannot access data from other calendars.

Separate meetergo and Outlook

Not what you wanted? It is very easy to delete the link between meetergo and Outlook again.

You can do that in 3 steps:

  1. Log into meetergo and go to your settings.

  2. Press the "X" next to the Outlook calendar.

  3. You've already made it.

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