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meetergo and GDPR / ePrivacy / Data Privacy
meetergo and GDPR / ePrivacy / Data Privacy

Learn where you can easily generate a DPA and what settings we offer for perfect data protection.

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meetergo not only protects your privacy, but also that of your customers. This allows you to schedule appointments in compliance with the strictest data protection standards (including GDPR). So you don't have to worry when sending your booking link!

  • meetergo is offered by a GmbH and hosted in Germany.

  • Our booking links do NOT use cookies.

  • The Data Processing Agreement (DPA) can be downloaded at any time.

  • We provide a text passage for your own privacy policy free of charge.

  • There are numerous settings, such as regularly deleting customer data.

In this article I'll show you how to use meetergo optimally to protect your customers' data.

Step 1: Download the DPA

Go to your company settings.

Now make sure your address is entered correctly. This is important so that the DPA can be addressed accordingly.

Then you can download the finished DPA via the "DPA" button on the right side.

Store it securely. Done!

Step 2: Insert a text passage into your privacy policy

Since meetergo processes customer data on your behalf, you must indicate this in your privacy policy.

You can download the corresponding text passage by downloading the "Privacy Policy Snippet" (right next to the DPA button).

The PDF contains a text passage that you can insert verbatim into your privacy policy.

Insert the text passage into your privacy policy next to the other third party providers. Done!

Step 3: Link your imprint and privacy policy

Next, we'll link our imprint and privacy policy.

To do so, insert the corresponding links into the text fields on the right (see screenshot).

Using the toggle button "Show privacy policy", you determine whether the links are displayed on your booking page or not.

Using the toggle button "Acceptance required", you determine whether a consent checkbox is displayed in your booking form. Customers must then activate the checkbox before submitting the booking.

Step 4: Adjust the automatic deletion of appointment data

To comply with the "right to be forgotten" of the GDPR, we offer a setting to automatically delete customer data.


meetergo makes data protection easy. Now you can embed the booking snippet on your website and share your booking links like crazy!

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