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Availability settings allow you to specify when you can be booked through your booking link. This ensures that you are only booked when you have actual availability. Never be booked during breaks, vacations, or outside of your business hours again!

Setting up your availability

  1. Go to your availabilities.

  2. There, you will see an overview of your availabilities. We have automatically created one availability for you, which is applied by default to your appointment types.

  3. Click on the default availability to edit it immediately.

You can also create multiple availability rules and assign them to multiple appointment types. This way, you can easily manage your availability for different use cases. The default availability is automatically assigned to new appointment types.

Adjusting regular working hours

On the left side, we adjust our regular working hours.

To adjust the time, click on the time and select the desired time. By clicking the "Copy" button (next to the +), you can copy the time to other days to save clicks 😉

Click the + button to split the time of a day. This way, you can, for example, block your break times.

Click the toggle on the left side of the days to enable or disable them completely.

Don't forget to save your changes when you're done!

Availability rules and exceptions

With our availability rules, you can also handle special cases.

In the calendar on the right, you will see the days highlighted in green, indicating when you are available according to the settings on the left side.

By clicking on any day, you can add exceptions. Exceptions can block or unlock specific time slots.

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