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Meeting types are types of appointments that you regularly hold. With meeting types, you can bundle all settings such as duration, buffer times, or the meeting channel. Additionally, you can personalize notifications, customize the calendar invitation, and add fields to the form.

Create an appointment type for each of your regular appointments and optimize your workflow! Here are some commonly used appointment types on MeeterGo:

  • Discovery Calls

  • Consultation Meetings / One-on-Ones

  • Product Demos

  • Technical Support

  • Coaching Sessions

In this article, I'll show you what you can achieve with appointment types.

Setting up an appointment type

In the "Setup" tab of the appointment type, you can make basic settings.

Title: Enter a meaningful title for your appointment type.

Description: Add a description to explain the purpose of the appointment type.

URL: Here, the unique URL for your appointment type is generated, which you can share.

Duration: Select the duration of the appointment type. You can specify a fixed duration or allow flexible length.

Location: Specify where the appointment will take place. We offer a range of online meeting providers, on-site appointments, or phone calls. You can also insert a custom link.


Here, you adjust when the appointment type can be booked.


Buffer before: Specifies how much time should be free in your calendar before an appointment. For example, if you block 12 PM to 1 PM and select 15 minutes here, your next available time slot will be at 1:15 PM.

Buffer after: Similar to "Buffer before," but keeps time free after appointments.

Earliest Booking: Specifies how soon in the future a new booking can be made. For example, if you specify 2 hours, no available slots will be shown that are less than 2 hours in the future.

Latest Booking: Specifies how far in the future a new booking can be made.

Limit Booking Frequency: Determines how often you can be booked per time interval. For example, if you select "1 per day," then after a booking is made for a certain day, then that day won't be available anymore after that.

Time Slot Interval: Specifies which time slots are displayed on your booking page, starting from the first available slot. For example, if you choose 30 minutes, the slots displayed will be 12:00, 12:30, 1:00, 1:30, and so on.

Booking Form

Show Booking Form at the beginning: Decide whether the booking form should be displayed at the beginning of the booking process.

Use Custom Form: Use a custom form that will be displayed during the booking process.


Compact Booking Page: Enable this option to display the booking form and time selection in a compact format.

Allow Participants to Add Guests: Give participants the option to invite guests via email during the booking process.

Group Booking: Allow multiple people to book the same appointment. Specify in the slots how many people can book the same time slot.

Custom Calendar Invitation: Customize the calendar invitation that appears in the participants' and hosts' calendars.

Add Button to Confirmation Page: Configure a button that opens a specific link.

Redirect After Booking: Redirect the user to an external page after the booking.

Display Company Logo: Show the company logo instead of the user's photo on the booking page.

Hide Action Buttons: Hide rescheduling and cancellation buttons on the confirmation page.

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